check Technical Capability
It is managed by the group of peoples who well verse in oil and gas nature, knowing the stringent Procedures and Standards.

check Networking
It is headed by person who has established networking within the Majors and fully understand on how the systems work, Knowhow and who’s vital is an important factor.

check Supports
Has established networking amongst Service Providers, thus able to mobilize resources even in short notification.


About Begas Energy

BEGAS ENERGY SDN BHD (BESB) is a Malaysian Bumiputera company incorporated in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 4th September 2008. BESB involves in Engineering & Construction works especially on Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Services. The main scope is providing maintenance services to Oil and Gas Majors operating both upstream and downstream sectors. The company’s management is headed by a highly dedicated, experienced, qualified and professional individual who had spent more than 15 years working in a national oil and gas company.

BESB occupied a warehouse in Labuan F.T. for storage, minor fabrication work and transit point of equipment to/from offshore.

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